MorePoles Premium

MorePoles Premium

Once the customer accepts the MorePoles program,

there can be synergies far beyond a simple buying and selling of products relationship.

MorePoles - Roman Blind

Our expertise can increase their market reach and offer access to new products with ease.

By adding the MorePoles Premium program the products of many other associated customers can added to multiply market potential.

  • The MorePoles Premium concept is to enlarge the market for already available products by connecting them with new customers.
  • During discussion with Arlinea customers, they liked the concept and asked if we can use the MorePoles platform to sell their products to other markets.
  • Then the MorePoles Premium idea was created.
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The advantage of supply side of customers using MorePoles Premium for other markets are:

  • It will not interfere home market of supply side customers.
    • Stock can be managed by Arlinea.
  • Arlinea can drop ship for supply side customers to buying side customers.
  • It vitalizes the export market for the supply side customer by offering a better cost arrangement.
  • Most customers use MorePoles to test market with their B2B customers.
  • However there are some companies using it to develop their B2C business.
  • We then see the possibility for furniture or furnishing chain stores to use it as an online shop in shop for poles.
  • We also see MorePoles Premium can be added to textile brands as their supplementary lines for their B2B customers to sell more custom made sheer or curtain using Principals’ textiles.

MorePoles Premium

Someone told us it is like Uber; MorePoles creates more business for already available Arlinea products. MorePoles Premium creates more business with B customer from products already invested by A customer. Or, vice versa. In this way it is like Uber who creates business for vehicles and drivers during the idle time of cars.

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