Gathering for simple and peaceful atmosphere
Simple and peaceful atmosphere - Using a keen eye to appreciate the details, tranquility, simplicity, and extraordinary changes, Como's spirit can be likened to a breeze that travels through mountains, over lakes, and between blades of grass, synchronizing different ripples to produce a beautiful harmony.


Innovative . modern . architectural idea
From Sejima Kazuyo to Philip Stark, modern architecture idea resulted in surprising, innovative mixtures of industrial and regional designs.  With these new ideas came design hotels.  They seem to demonstrate both the longing and the expectation for 21st Century design, a design that is marked by a light, transparent, and unique ambience.


Imagine a world half-recognizable and familiar, between reality and the artificial. Shape, experiment, give standardization added value. Cross patterns and materials, bio and nanotechnologies. Between natural and synthetic. 


Themes of oriental simplicity, calm and quiet. Natural material like wood, stone, plain ceramic, cement, craft items like hand made paper, iron are often used. 


Lund collection shows material varieties as facial of curtain poles. It blends natural touch into contemporary elements. 


Pure luxury style
Verona represents a delicate, clean and no-frills urban lifestyle that still contains a certain luxury and elegance. 


Neo Classics-Malmo
Affordable quality and designs have been frequently asked for by many customers. It is challenge task and involving much technology too. 


Neo classics-Reims
Make it new
It discards the intricate decoration, extracts the classical and enduring essences. Tradition and innovation, handicraft and technolog. Reims collection is the development of a harmonious combination of simplicity and classics. 


English country style emphasizes coziness and our connections with nature. The decor can be casual or formal, and the focus is on function rather than flair. English county decorating exudes warmth, comfort and a love for family. 


Theme of aged wood with fading effect. It can be outdoor or indoor piece, with the breeze of wind, exposed to the sunlight, and rinsed by wet weather. Many workmanship to be involved to achieve the aged effects.